Solutions to various problems

General Issues

Please see the bug reporting page if necessary.

Upon first install device gets stuck at 'Encrypting...' screen

Most devices have duplicate fstab entries in order to allow the user to choose between an ext4 or F2FS /data partition. If you improperly wiped your device beforehand (erased instead of formatted /data) the system won't know what to do and will just hang there. Simply format /data via TWRP or fastboot to fix.

No mobile service

Select the proper APN for your carrier under Settings > Network > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names

Device Specific Issues

LG G3: No radio, no sensors, no brightness control, etc.

Please update your modem to a version extracted from a 5.0/V20x image. If you cannot find an image available for your specific model, you can extract a .KDZ to get the .DZ, extract that and flash the relevant files (dbi, factory, modem, rpm, tz). Please note you must use the aboot and laf partitions from a V10x image or else your device will end up in bulk mode. The version should show as 00053 under Settings > About > Baseband version

Apollo/Thor: Boot-looping into recovery

If you installed a system update with a recovery that doesn't know where the /misc partition is the update flag will never be cleared. The fix is to run the following
$ fastboot format misc

Other Issues

Black screen or only wallpaper showing after upgrading to 15.1 from 14.1

Pull down from the notification drawer to get into Settings, enable Development Mode, turn on ADB and then run the following
$ adb shell am start org.lineageos.setupwizard/org.lineageos.setupwizard.SetupWizardExitActivity