Functionality Tables

This page documents what hardware and software features are expected to be non-functional on DivestOS. See also the known issues page and the bug reporting page if necessary.

Hardware Features

While some hardware might not require proprietary userspace blobs, the hardware itself is non-free and runs proprietary firmware.

NameCriticalStatusBlobs RequiredBlobs Removed
Accelerometer/GyroYesWorksSome devicesNo
AudioYesWorksYesSome are
Cell ServiceYesWorksYesSome are
CompassYesWorksSome devicesNo
GPSYesWorksYesMany are
HW Audio DecodingYesWorksYesNo
HW EncryptionYesWorksYesSome debug tools are
HW Packet ProcessorNice to haveWorksYes, but sources seem availableSome debug tools are
HW Video DecodingYesWorksYesNo
IR TransceiverNice to haveWorksYesNo
Light SensorNice to haveWorksSome devicesNo
NFCNice to haveWorksSome devicesSome are
Proximity SensorYesWorksSome devicesNo
Wi-FiYesWorksYesMany are
Wireless ChargingNice to haveDependsSome devicesWiPower blobs are

Software Features

Android AutoDoes not workRequires Play Services
AudioFXDoes not workMany AudioFX blobs are removed
ChromecastDoes not workRequires Play Services
Device EncryptionWorksEncryption is a must-have
DRM/HDCPPurposely RemovedDRM is harmful to the user
eSIM/eUICCWorksLPAd provided by OpenEUICC
Google SafetynetDoes not workRequires Play Services
IMS/VoLTEWorksSelect IMS blobs are removed, but is kept working
VoWiFi/Wi-Fi CallingDoes not workRemoved due to privacy/security concerns
Qualcomm aptXWorksOn devices where it is available
RCSPurposely RemovedRCS is a fundamentally broken replacement
Tethering (BT/USB/Wi-Fi)WorksNo blobs are required for Tethering
Wireless DisplayUnknownThere are many different protocols. All Qualcomm Wireless Display blobs are removed.


See this section for more information. This section is largely focused on proprietary apps, as the vast majority of apps from eg. F-Droid work without issue.
Disclaimer, the following section is largely user contributed, nor do we endorse or recommend any of the following apps.

Ace RacerGamingReported Working2023/05
Amazon Prime VideoMedia StreamingReported Mostly Working2023/05: Bumpy but works
Apex Legends Mobile (deprecated)GamingReported Working2023/01
Apple MusicMedia StreamingReported Working2022/11
Arena BreakoutGamingReported Working2023/05
BMO (Canada)BankingReported Working2023/05
Call of Duty MobileGamingReported Broken2024/01: They added a strict ABI check.
Call of Duty: Warzone MobileGamingReported Working2023/05
CIBC (USA+Canada)BankingReported Working2023/05
Combat MasterGamingReported Working2023/05
Devil WarGamingReported Working2023/05
Devils Be Dead: Rise of DemonsGamingReported Working2023/05
DiscordCommunicationReported Mostly Working2023/05: Use microG to fix notifications.
DKB-TAN2goBankingReported Broken2023/05: microG may fix it.
DoorDashShoppingReported Broken2023/04: Complains about OS, maybe SafetyNet.
Farlight 84GamingReported Working2023/05
Flaming DurtlesEducationReported Working2023/06
Genshin ImpactGamingReported Working2023/01
Google CameraPhotographyTested Working2023/04
Google MapsNavigationReported Working2023/05
Google Play Music (deprecated)Media StreamingTested Working2017/07: Doesn't rely on DRM.
Just RunHealthReported Working2023/06
League of Legends: Wild RiftGamingReported Working2022/01
LINECommunicationReported Working2023/06
Lost LightGamingReported Working2023/05
Microsoft EdgeWebTested Working2023/04
Microsoft LensProductivityReported Working2023/05
MoovitNavigationReported Working2023/05
NetflixMedia StreamingTested Broken2022: Relies on Google's Widevine DRM
New State MobileGamingReported Working2022/01
Opera BrowserWebTested Working2023/04
OVPNUtilityReported Working2023/06
PandoraMedia StreamingTested Working2017: Doesn't rely on DRM
Papara (Turkey)BankingReported Working2023/12
Project Bloodstrike (beta)GamingReported Working2023/05
PUBG MobileGamingReported Working2022/01
Rainbow Six MobileGamingReported Working2023/06
RSA SecurIDUtilityReported Working2023/07
Satori ReaderReadingReported Working2023/06
Skiff MailCommunicationReported Working2023/06
SkyShowtimeMedia StreamingReported Broken2023/05
SoundcloudMedia StreamingTested Working2017: Doesn't rely on DRM
SpotifyMedia StreamingReported Mostly Working2024/04: Jam feature doesn't work
Square Point of SaleFinanceTested Working2017
SteamGamingReported Working2023/05
Steam LinkGamingTested Working2023/01
TD (USA+Canada)BankingReported Working2023/05
The Division ResurgenceGamingReported Working2023/06
TKHealthReported Working2023/05
UpNoteProductivityReported Working2023/06
Vivaldi BrowserWebReported Working2023/05
WazeNavigationReported Working2023/07
WhatsAppCommunicationReported Working2023/04
Yandex BrowserWebTested Working2023/04